About This Book

The goal of this book is to: 

1. Provide open-access pedagogical methods and teaching activities about the ancient world for any educator to use. 

2. Highlight the importance of student-centered and object-based/hands-on teaching in learning about the past.

3. Make learning about the ancient world fun, engaging, and informative. 

Read about how the book came about on the ArchaeoPress blog.

Who should use this book?

Educators teaching about the ancient world. Students and parents learning how to teach about ancient world. Anyone who is interested in the ancient world. The activities in this book can be implemented online or in-person, in school, university, library, museum, or home classrooms. Every activity specifies the age/grade level of students for which the activity is appropriate. Many activities also have optional steps to make the activity work for other ages/levels.

Who wrote this book?

Educators teaching about the ancient world. The activities and essays were written by school teachers, university instructors, and museum educators. You can find out more about the authors on the Contributors page.

What Do Educators Say?

"The initiative carried out by Dr. Pınar Durgun is a novel contribution to the didactics of ancient
societies’ teaching. The main objective is challenging and enthralling: to go beyond the thresholds of
academy and reach another very important audience –students at different levels- and try to capture
their interest, drawing their attention towards our fields of study through a wide diversity of appealing
didactic proposals.
From the peer-review phase to the final formatting of the volume, the entire process was very
pleasant and meticulous. We are truly grateful for having the possibility of being part of this amazing
project and we hope that many teachers can use and enjoy this book when preparing their classes."


Leticia Rovira and Cecilia Molla